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Spitze bleiben - Staying on the Top


29. Forum | Zoom | october 26th, 2021 | Status: october 13th, 2021
(short-term changes are feasible | all times CET p.m.)

Program - october 26th, 2021 Programm - 26. Oktober 2021
5:00 Welcome

Orsolya Szlovenszky, Portugal Ventures
Ulf Leonhard, Leonhard Ventures
5:30 Startups I

Bandora is a virtual facility manager 24/7 dedicated to well operate and maintain commercial buildings. Bandora integrates with any existent IoT systems, so it does not overlap, but complement the current investments. It pushes commercial buildings to operate to their utmost efficiency, keep spaces well ventilated and healthy, look for the optimal comfort zone for the occupants and detect abnormal consumptions, in order to reduce unexpected downtimes and stop wasting energy.

Wakaru® is a technology-based company, focused on developing solutions for the management and analysis of complex events in real time; the creation of 100% digital customer experience ecosystems; software development services or tailor-made integration, innovation and R&D and auditing and consulting in management systems and information technologies. We leverage our innovation capacity to develop new products with an SAP® consulting practice specialized in customer and asset management, supported by SAP® vertical systems: S/4HANA for Utilities, CRM and Digital Supply Chain.

Spotlite develops remote monitoring systems for infrastructure based on satellite data, designed to answer the needs of multiple industries. These monitoring systems aim for an early-detection of risk factors, minimizing the occurrence of critical situations and associated damages.

Shiptimize is a Digital Delivery Management Solution that automates the shipping process of online stores so that shop owners and their teams can have more time to grow their business. Easy to integrate with major eCommerce platforms, using apps and plugins, the software centralizes all shipping information on a single online platform, in addition to offering shipping options with multiple carriers. The solution also automates the label printing process, sends tracking e-mails and provides customer care, contacting carriers on behalf of the store when needed, keeping shop owners updated on the process.

REATIA is a real estate metasearch platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to aggregate properties in one place. REATIA has the largest and most transparent base of properties in Portugal. Our users can monitor the real estate market and properties in real time. With our technology we deliver a unique listing, Property Valuation and Market Analytics.

Eptune Engineering is developing an innovative system that allows the wind turbine blade repair in harsh meteorological conditions, increasing the maintenance season duration as well as the turbine availability while reduce maintenance costs.

IHCare – Innovation Hospital Care is a startup company driven by three main principles: Investigation, Development, and Implementation of high-tech solutions, with emphasis on resource-saving to maximize healthcare units time and money. It’s committed to delivering an effective response to all its stakeholders – patients, healthcare providers, and healthcare facilities administrations. Ihcare’s mission is to significantly improve patients comfort and well-being, offering effective means to fight healthcare problems, with global improvement on both clinical, human and financial levels.

Logical Safety
Logical Safety provides realtime control & monitoring in industrial environment.
6:15 Partnering Networks

Sina Ramin Sadegh Nadi, CET TU Dortmund
Dominik Stute, IHK Dortmund
Anna-Sophie Bettmann, Wirtschaftsförderung Dortmund
Norbert Herrmann, Berlin Senat für Wirtschaft
6:35 Startups II

Trigger Systems
The Trigger.Systems platform developed by Rigger enables remote control use of water with savings of 45% in consumption, which is particularly relevant for the agricultural sector and companies who manage large green spaces. 

Beamian offers a complete all-in-one events management solution comprising two major components: a cloud platform (that enables organisers to create and manage all tasks related to an event) and physical identifiers: smart badges (that identify visitors) and beamers (IoT devices that identify sites, brands and exhibitors) used during the event and which record all interactions between attendees, brands and exhibitors.

Noocity wants to make Urban Farming accessible to everyone. The product the company has developed enables anyone living in an urban environment to grow and harvest their own vegetables in a practical, efficient and eco-friendly way.

Follow Inspiration
FI´s knowledge on hardware and software in the fields of robotics, image recognition and artificial intelligence allows them to develop leading-edge technologies for retail, industry and services.

Omniflow develops and manufactures Omniled, an intelligent energy platform for the Internet of Things powered by proprietary solar and wind technology and includes batteries, used for various services such as street lighting, sensors, wi-fi and video surveillance.

Reckon.ai helps retailers and other business areas to provide their customers checkout-free, ‘grab and go’ shopping experiences. It´s proprietary technology combines cloud AI algorithms — which are easily and quickly scalable without the need for on-site installations and product recognition — that automatically identifies all products using their core characteristics and sensor combination — achieving higher accuracy in recognition and fraud prevention.